After spending an impressive Christmas in Puerto Banus, the next important and magical date for the diary is Valentine’s Day. 14 February is without a doubt the time of year that is fullest of love, and we love it too! We’ve got some suggestions for plans for enjoying Valentine’s Day with your partner in Puerto Banús. Are you up for them?

Plans for enjoying Valentine’s Day at Puerto Banús

As you know well, Hotel Benabola and Puerto Banús are perfect for a holiday, but we don’t mean just the summer holidays! It is a fundamental part of us to offer the best services during any month of the year, but we also love special dates, so we’re going to let you into some secrets for enjoying Valentine’s Day in Puerto Banús.

Choose the best place to spend the day

The best thing you can give your partner on Valentine’s Day is a romantic getaway to a place where you can enjoy this special day like never before. There is no doubt that spending 14 February in Puerto Banús is a fantastic idea: sunshine, beaches, luxurious surroundings, fine cuisine… everything comes together!

If in addition to enjoying a unique location, you want to stay in unparalleled surroundings, Hotel Benabola’s luxury suites and apartments in Puerto Banús are a plus that you haven’t even imagined. You get large rooms with luxury designs and finishes, as well as views that nowhere else can offer you.

Start the day with a gift

As if it weren’t enough to wake up in a suite at Hotel Benabola, imagine being given a gift, regardless how small, first thing in the morning. Even if it’s something simple like a bunch of roses or sweets, your partner will fall at your feet and it’ll be a unique moment if you accompany it with breakfast in bed!

If you want it to be something much more special, the luxury stores in Marbella offer you plenty of opportunities to treat your partner to the best gifts for enjoying Valentine’s Day in Puerto Banús.

Go out for lunch

After a quiet and pleasant morning with your partner, you can continue Valentine’s Day in Puerto Banús by sampling regional culinary delicacies.

Marbella’s unique surroundings mean that we can enjoy highest quality fresh produce all year round. This means it is much easier for us to prepare the best gourmet food for you at Benabola, with innovative and delicious recipes. We also offer exquisite vegetarian dishes of the sort that are missing nothing.

Stroll in Puerto Banus

After a luxury meal in the most romantic surroundings, a stroll through the streets and along the beaches in Puerto Banús can be the nicest and most relaxing part of this unique day. Another advantage of enjoying San Valentine’s Day at Puerto Banús is that the weather is always mild.

Forget about grey and rainy skies, Marbella is a privileged place in many ways, including the fact that the days have pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Taking a stroll around the port can be a great experience, while enjoying luxurious love in Puerto Banús.

vistas del sky lounge

Round off the day at Benabola Sky Lounge

Is there anything more romantic than watching the sunset with your partner? It’s the perfect way to round off Valentine’s Day at Puerto Banús! We have designed our Sky Lounge with a roof so you can enjoy it in comfort at this time of year.

Enjoying the magic cocktails that we prepare, a spectacular culinary experience and the Costa del Sol’s best sunset is all possible thanks to Sky Lounge. If it’s special at any time of year, just imagine it on 14 February!

Do you want to spend Valentine’s Day at Puerto Banús? Don’t hesitate and pick the perfect place to enjoy it: the best Puerto Banús hotels at We’re looking forward to seeing you!