If you’re one of those people who always seek maximum quality and you’re thinking of enjoying a well-deserved break, we’ve got the perfect option for you. Hotel Benabola and Puerto Banús are the best choice. Today we’re going to tell you why our luxury penthouses and suites in Puerto Banús are the best rooms designed for your enjoyment.

1. Superb design

We specialise in offering suites in Puerto Banús, painstakingly designed down to the last detail. The rooms are well-lit thanks to the region’s wonderful weather and the light shades of colour chosen for the suite walls.

Our rooms have been individually designed to ensure that you find an ambience that best suits your tastes. We have suites with high quality wood furniture in dark colours, giving the room and sober and elegant appearance. You can also discover Nordic style decoration with furniture in white shades, in line with one of the most sought-after trends on the market.

When browsing our luxury suites in Puerto Banús, you’ll be sure to find one that you’ll love for its style, design and elegance. We’re sure about that!

2. Glamour in its purest state

What about waking up in the morning and enjoying the sea breeze, great views over the marina and a breakfast created to tempt the most sophisticated of taste buds. Sounds good, right?

You can enjoy all of this in Hotel Benabola’s luxury suites in Puerto Banús. Enjoy the seafront promenade, watch the parade of high end cars that can be seen in Puerto Banús and, most importantly, feel like you’ve never felt before while on holiday.

Inside our hotel, we focus on reflecting all of the glamour to be found outside. We have achieved this and more. Would you like to discover it?

3. Space to enjoy

If the elegant design of luxury penthouses in Puerto Banús leaves you open-mouthed, just wait until you see their quality. The beds, chairs, tables and everything else you find in our luxury suites in Puerto Banús are not only designed for maximum beauty, but also maximum comfort.

Choosing top quality elements ensures that everything you find in your luxury suite works perfectly, just when you need it, error free. Everything is at your disposition.

4. Entertainment guaranteed

You’ll be so comfortable in our luxury suites in Puerto Banús, and you’ll have so many entertaining things at your fingertips that you won’t want to leave your room, despite the area’s glamorous night life!

For example, in our luxury one bedroom loft you can have fun with intimate evenings with friends, enjoy a game of pool on a designer table or indulge in a pleasant romantic dinner on your terrace, served with the best champagne.

5. Unbeatable views

You can choose which way you want your room to face. For example, you’ll have to decide between sea views, view of the Benabola seafront promenade or marina views. In any case, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy all of the zone’s glamour.

A place where you’ll not only be able to enjoy the best views in Puerto Banús, but also the best food, spectacular cocktails and unbeatable surroundings in our Sky Lounge. Glamour is not only to be found in your luxury suite or penthouse in Puerto Banús, but also throughout our hotel.

6. Fun, life and gastronomy

We recommend trips to the best restaurants and beach clubs, enjoying an exclusive and relaxing day at the beach, or even luxury shopping in the area, where you’ll find brands by the best fashion and footwear designers.

We have become a well-known hotel because of the area’s exclusive surroundings, but also due to our hard work on our luxury suites and penthouses in Puerto Banús. This is why if you’re looking for one of the best hotels in Marbella, you’ll find it at benabola.com. Come and visit us!