Close your eyes for a second and think about your favourite dish: perhaps a delicious selection of Iberian ham, a fresh and health salad with recently picked vegetables and dressed to perfection, an extraordinary platter of king prawns, mussels or shrimp or, simply, a good old grilled steak with a side of chips.

When it comes to food, there are a million factors that define our own tastes; but, our personal preferences aside, who doesn’t enjoy a good meal?

Recently, the boom experienced by gourmet Spanish cuisine and vegetarian cuisine has been incredible. It’s hardly surprising, as they use products that are not only tasty, but healthy and highly recommended for leading a full and active life.

4 reasons for sampling delicious gourmet and vegetarian cuisine

Let us tell you the four main secrets of success of gourmet Spanish cuisine and vegetarian cuisine. Now, read carefully!

1. Just because food is tasty doesn’t mean it has to be calorific

Tired of hearing that everything you like will make you fat? Would you like your favourite dishes to be low in calories? With gourmet Spanish cuisine, say goodbye to that problem!

It’s time to learn that not everything that is tasty is bad for you! Whether vegetable, fish or meat dishes, or alternatives that combine them all, there’s an endless list of ingredients to get your taste buds tingling. Don’t you think it’s time to give them all a try?

2. Food as an essential ingredient for a healthy lifestyle

Ideally, you should be able to eat all the food you most like and, at the same time, these foods should have the nutritional value that our bodies need.

If so far you’ve not come across that perfect blend of ‘taste’ and ‘nutrition’, you’re sure to find it with gourmet Spanish cuisine and vegetarian cuisine. That way you can take care of yourself both inside and out!

3. Eat with your eyes: the importance of good presentation

Gourmet food stands out not just because of its taste and the quality of the ingredients, but also the way in which each meal is presented. The plating, decoration and complements are also essential so that, when the dish arrives at your table, the culinary experience is unique.

Immerse yourself in the textures, aroma, combination of colours and tones, brilliant flavours… Welcome to the world of the exquisite!

4. The Mediterranean diet, playing a leading role in gourmet Spanish cuisine and vegetarian cuisine

Made in Spain products have always been highly appreciated by experts and consumers alike. From cured ham to vegetables grown under our shining sun, without forgetting about fish caught off the coasts and the extra virgin olive oil we use to dress great dishes. And what better way to wash it down than with a glass of wine from one of Spain’s many Denominations of Origin. Tantalised?

The Mediterranean diet, renowned worldwide, is the base of gourmet cuisine and vegetarian cuisine that is taking the world by storm. Fresh, natural products with no additives that convert each bite into a pleasurable experience. Go on, try them for yourself!

Restaurante – Café Benabola, a feast for the senses

Hungry already? We’re not surprised! Now you know all about the secrets of gourmet cuisine and vegetarian cuisine that is so on trend, it’s about time you sampled them for yourself!

At Restaurante – Café Benabola we serve the best gourmet cuisine creations so that you can sample every ingredient and indulge in all a good meal has to offer. Enjoy the best culinary creations and fall in love with each bite whilst the waves ripple in the background. Now you have another reason for visiting Puerto Banús this year. It promises to be a wholly unforgettable experience!

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