How does a relaxing and revitalising time-out listening to the sea breeze sound to you? Would you like to get away from it all, enjoying some much needed time with your friends? Benabola Sky Lounge is the perfect place for just that, find out why below!


The most popular cocktails at Benabola Sky Lounge, guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling

Our menu features genuine works of cocktailing art. From the range of alcoholic cocktails on offer, Head of the Food & Beverage Department at Benabola, Manuel Molina, recommends a few of these tasty tipples:

  • Benabola Cocktail, vodka with sugar, lime, raspberries and soda), wholly refreshing.
  • Frozen Mojito, aged rum with soda, brown sugar, mint, lime and passionfruit). This cocktail is also available in other flavours, such as strawberry, passionfruit, mango, banana, watermelon or melon.
  • Long Island, rum, gin, tequila, vodka, triple sec with lime and optionally topped off with cola.
  • Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, made with aged rum, strawberries, limes and sugar.
  • Piña colada, made using rum, coconut and pineapple.


And for those that prefer non-alcoholic cocktails, we also have a varied menu as, with the exception of the Long Island, all cocktails can be made alcohol-free. Some of the drinks suitable for all audiences that can be ordered at the Benabola Sky Lounge include:

  • Minty raspberry cocktail: raspberry, lemonade, iced tea, mint and essence of mojito and lime.
  • Coconut Limonade Cocktail: strawberries, cranberries and basil.
  • Red fruit soda: strawberries, watermelon and sparkling water.


If you’ve already been to the Benabola Sky Lounge, why come back?

The reasons are endless. The spectacular views from the terrace are reason enough. Especially when accompanied by your friends or relatives. All with the waves lapping in the background, the smell of salty air and the breeze filling your lungs with fresh, pure air!

What’s more, taking a look at the menu, next time you visit Benabola Sky Lounge you’ll discover that there’s now even more cocktails, all of which feature the hallmarks of our brand, as they are daring, fresh and youthful. With this in mind, we recommend you try the Hot Banana Daiquiri (rum, lime, banana and ginger), the daring Yogurt Griego 2.0 (almond, ginger & cream) or the citric Lemon Drops cocktail (agave, lemon juice and vodka).


What tapas should you choose to accompany your favourite cocktail at the Benabola Sky Lounge?

The tapas at the Sky Lounge are a testament to traditional cuisine. Just like our cocktails, we fuse classics with cutting-edge dishes. And all of this with a  nod to local produce, packed with the flavours of Málaga.

Our incredible terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail accompanied by unique street food style dishes. Our cuisine takes an easy-going approach to finger food. What’s more, soon we’ll be offering our guests a live cooking experience as part of a show cooking initiative. An eye-catching experience!


The coolest place for an exclusive public

Our terrace is not only frequented by guests at our hotel in Marbella, but other visitors who find out about us by word of mouth, including the owners of the yachts moored in Puerto Banús. This exclusive, intimate spot is the perfect place for sitting back and taking in the wonderful views of the sea and the harbour.

What’s more, Benabola Sky Lounge is popular amongst couples looking to spend a pleasant evening with wonderful background music that allows our customers to take centre stage for the evening.


Benabola Sky Lounge, the place you mustn’t miss out on

As a visitor, the experience at our Sky Lounge in Marbella will fascinate you. The best views, a menu adapted to each diner’s preferences, an unrivalled service and the best time in your partner, friends or family’s company.

In the words of Manuel Molina, Head of the Food & Beverage Department, as often happens to parents, he sees Benabola Sky Lounge growing and becoming more mature, with its own personality. Over the past few years, we have made real progress in making this magical terrace a point of reference for local customers and tourists looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a calm evening in one of the places with the best views of the Costa del Sol”.

What are you waiting for to enjoy an unforgettable evening? We have our own parking service for Sky Lounge & Suites customers, subject to availability. Call +34 952 815 000 and book your place now!

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