Although living in Puerto Banus is not affordable for everyone, the fact that it receives more than 4 million visits each year means that there is a great atmosphere in the town. To enjoy Christmas in this beautiful city will become an experience that you will want to repeat as soon as possible.

Christmas in Puerto Banus

Once you have chosen the hotel in Puerto Banús that best suits your needs and characteristics, you can explore the city without any hurry. You will be able to enjoy a craft market where you will find hundreds of products to give to your friends and/or family on the way back.

In addition to the typical lighting, which enchants all visitors, a large number of events are held, such as group performances. Santa Claus and his elf helper are in charge of distributing candy in the streets to all the children who have been good during the year.

You can also enjoy different educational workshops with the youngest members of the family, with which you can get to know everything that surrounds them and, if they do it well, they will receive a gift that they will be delighted with.

Christmas in Marbella

Marbella is characterized by having activity throughout the year, although at Christmas is transformed and you can take full advantage during these times.

In San Pedro de Alcántara there are activities for children, where they can enjoy sports, workshops, animations or zumba. There is nothing better than being able to relax while you see how the smallest of the house is having fun.

Family hiking is a great option, as the temperature is not as low as in the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. Enjoying nature and all the green areas will be something you won’t regret.

Puerto Banús, Marbella

Christmas in Málaga

The park promenade is full of people who want to do the typical Christmas shopping. In their markets you will find figures of all kinds, nougats, tambourines and thousands of products to give away.

The nativity scenes of Malaga are distributed throughout the city, allowing you to enjoy a real living one. Each one of them has its own characteristics that you will love and will make you spend several hours looking at them without a stop. Don’t forget to take pictures!

The Hotel Benabola is a benchmark in accommodation, located in the heart of Puerto Banus harbour. It has incredible views of the Mediterranean sea and elegant rooms in which you will feel at home.