The 2019 Latin Awards will be held in Marbella on 21 September at the Palacio de Congresos of Marbella. Throughout the year, hundreds of people have looked forward to this celebration with the aim of seeing their favorite national and international Latin music artists.

Novelties and surprises in the Marbella Latin Awards 2019

The Latin music awards are celebrated with a large number of novelties and great award-winning celebrities, such as:

  • Lori Meyers: Gold Latin award for the best career of Indie group.
  • Jon Secada: Latin Gold Award to the best Ibero-American singer of this year.
  • Tamara: Latin Gold Award 2019.
  • Efecto Mariposa: Gold award to the best Latin group.
  • Los Planetas: Latin Gold Award to the best Indie Rock group of Spanish music.
  • Alejandro Abad: Latin Gold Award to the best career in 2019.

Galardonados Premios Latino Marbella 2019
Latin music has been a success and the Marbella Latin Awards ensure that the Ibero-American film and music industry, which is expanding all over the world thanks to the large number of professionals who work hard so that their fans get what they are looking for.

Gala Foundation gives a hand to Ibero-American art

The Gala Foundation, headed by María Cansino, is the person in charge of making this dream come true for the fourth time. The aim is very simple, to reward all professionals in this sector and support their culture so that everyone can enjoy their talent.
Fundación Gala Premios Latino
During this edition, Eva Isanta, a Spanish actress known for participating in “La que se avecina” as “La Cuqui”, will be responsible for presenting the gala along with a large number of Latin American professionals. Although many names are known who will attend the event, it is worth mentioning that there will also be last-minute surprises, so it is worth not missing any detail.
People who attend this event or are lucky enough to be close to the locality, can approach in the hope of seeing their favorite actors and singers from first hand or having a picture taken with them for the memory of this magical night.