Traditional beach bars have become a key part of getting 100% enjoyment out of a well-deserved holiday. They are establishments, sometimes only open during the summer season, that enhance the quality of a zone, bringing it to life and offering the best of each region.

Are you still considering where to spend your holidays? If you’re still not convinced by the area’s pleasant weather, a beautiful coastline bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and a wide range of cultural activities, the Costa del Sol’s beach bars will help you to make a decision about your destination.

Unbeatable service

Of course, one of the key issues when deciding whether to return to a restaurant, shop or any other type of business is the quality of service. There is no doubt about this at the Costa del Sol’s beach bars, because the service is always excellent.

Some of the qualities found in the personnel at these establishments can be summarised as great manners, friendliness and attention to detail. In addition to friendly service, their great organisation means that you get what you order as quickly as possible. Depending on the type of cuisine, it’s sometimes even possible to see what they’re preparing before eating it. In short, the way they work makes you want to return, even before you leave!

Exclusive comfort beside the sea

How about a glass of champagne in bed while you watch the sunset? Dinner while listening to the sound of the sea? Some of Malaga’s beach bars offer you unique sensations for enjoying a charming holiday.

You can normally choose between different zones inside the establishment, depending on what you require. Are you alone? With children? With your partner? Don’t worry, they take care of everything.

Their designer terraces have zones fitted out to allow you to enjoy the region’s best dishes in comfort. In some places, there are small children’s play areas within eyeshot of parents. They’ll have a great time as well!

If you prefer to enjoy a romantic moment with your partner, you can avail yourself of an exclusive zone with beds where you can sip on a cocktail while watching the sunset. Doesn’t that sound good?

Espeto sardine skewers

The importance of Mediterranean cuisine in Spain and all over the world cannot be overstated, which is why the Costa del Sol’s beach bars serve up these types of dishes with unbeatable quality. They’ll make your mouth water!

One of the most popular dishes on the menu is the well-known espeto sardine skewers. This traditional Malagan dish consists of fresh sardines skewered on a thin wooden cane. They are all placed in the same position, before being cooked over embers on the beach. A true delight!

Aside from this traditional Malagan dish discover other culinary wonders, there’s plenty more to eat! These beach bars offer everything from a great paella to a selection of barbecued meat, for those with more of an appetite. Do you fancy a fresh salad on the side? Or do you prefer seafood? Don’t worry, you’ll find everything you fancy on menus at the Costa del Sol’s beach bars, with unbeatable quality!

Do you fancy enjoying all of this during your holidays? Then just pack your bags, get on a plane, enjoy the beach bars and hotels on the Costa del Sol. We’re looking forward to seeing you!