Haven’t you planned your list of activities in Marbella yet? It is very important to make a plan where everything is included. This way we will avoid missing out on anything interesting and we will manage to do everything. 

To help you with this project, we have created this article in which we will list the most interesting activities to try: 

Water activities in Marbella 

These are some of the most interesting water activities in Marbella

  • Wakeboarding: we’re talking about water skiing on a board, a completely different sport to anything you’ve ever tried. It can be practised in Guadalmina Alta, a natural lake located just 5 minutes from Puerto Banús
  • Cable-skiing: another activity you can do in Guadalmina Alta. Similar to the previous one, with the particularity that we will be dragged by a cable system. Depending on your tastes, the speed of the cable can be regulated. 
  • Kayak: and if you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet, the Kayak is for you. You will move peacefully on the surface of the Mediterranean Sea, or through its rivers or lakes. The choice is yours.  

Activities for adults in Marbella 

If you want to make more mature plans, this is the section for you: 

  • Casinos: you can’t go to Puerto Banús and not try your luck. Even if casinos are not your thing, it is at least interesting to visit them to see the incredible atmosphere that moves there. 
  • Gyms: the gyms in the area are very complete (they include many machines, swimming pools, jacuzzi, sauna, among other services). This is the best option for not leaving your workout half done during your holidays. 
  • VIP cinemas: some cinemas in areas such as Puerto Banús have VIP lounges. These rooms are characterised by having better conditioning, sound and much more comfortable seats. 

Summer activities for children in Marbella 

If the plan is to enjoy Marbella with children, here are 3 activities that they will love: 

  • Selwo Marina: is a park with a large size of 1.67 hectares where the whole family can enjoy the animals in their natural habitat. Here we can find from sea lions to dwarf crocodiles and different exotic birds. 
  • Paintball in Fuerte Nagüeles: this is a 1300 square metre field where both children and not so children will be able to test their skills with paintball. 
  • Tivoli World Park: this park has it all; trains, Ferris wheels, go-karts, houses of terror, among all kinds of attractions. They even offer children’s entertainment shows. 

Adventure activities in Marbella 

If adventure activities in Marbella are your thing, you can try these: 

  • Canyoning: within canyoning we have several options, such as abseiling, for example. In Marbella we can find a large number of canyons that are waiting to be explored. 
  • Scuba Diving: for those who love the seabed should try this type of diving. And the fact is that here we have a coastline of more than 30 km with all kinds of mysteries. 
  • Jet skis: and if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, jet skis are for you. There are all kinds of routes that will allow you to live a once in a lifetime experience. 

Cultural activities in Marbella 

Cultural events are organised in Marbella at almost any time of the year. 

Our recommendation is to consult the calendar of events on the official Marbella website so as not to miss an activity of interest. We may be able to coincide our outing with one of these events. 

Luxury activities in Marbella 

And if you want to enjoy luxury activities in Marbella, there are also many possibilities. 

  • Yacht charter is the order of the day. It’s a great way to have a great time with friends on the high seas. 
  • Footdart games (giant inflatables) could help us shape a great event, such as a beach Olympics. 
  • Among other options for luxury activities in Marbella, we have the option of creating a private golf tournament, to play as if we were professionals. 

With all these activities in mind, you are sure to be looking forward to coming. We encourage you to stay in our hotel Benabola; it is a hotel in Puerto Banús that has all the amenities. In addition, it is very well located, so you can reach any part of the town without complications.