The peak of La Concha (Marbella) is in the middle of the Sierra Blanca, a massif located between the Costa del Sol and the Sierra de las Nieves. The name of the sierra is due to the fact that the vegetation is quite sparse, and because of the greyish rocks that compose it. 

The Concha de Marbella peak is so uniquely named because when viewed from the west it appears to be in the shape of this peculiar mollusc. It is the second highest peak in the area, with a height of 12145 metres above sea level. In first position is the Pico del Lastonar at 1,275 metres above sea level. 

If you are thinking of doing the route, this article is of interest to you: 

How to do the Marbella shell route? 

The route to La Cocha Marbella is 12 km long (6 km one way + 6 km return). It has an elevation gain of almost 500 metres and some of the trails are stony. It is important to have a certain amount of stamina and hiking/mountaineering experience to do it.  

The route starts at the Juanar refuge and continues along the forest track. Further on we start the ascent to the Sierra Blanca, through an ascent that covers an area of about 40 minutes. 

From there it is 2 hours to reach La Concha. To do this, we will have to follow a path that takes us along the ridge until we reach the Salto del Lobo (it is a difficult area, and even has chains). 

Further on the path disappears and you will have to stick as close as possible to the ridge. After passing El Escalón (a somewhat delicate pass that also has a chain) there is only half an hour left to reach the summit. 

Footwear for the La Concha Marbella excursion 

To make the ascent to Concha Marbella you will need to be properly prepared. For example, your footwear should be trekking shoes, with a hard sole to absorb the impact of rocks and other obstacles along the way. They should also be non-slip and waterproof. 

You should never go on this type of route with the shoes you normally walk in, as they will not be prepared for the harsh mountain conditions. 

Descent of La Concha Marbella 

The descent of La Concha Marbella can be organised as you wish. The first option is to do the route in reverse, taking extreme precautions on the steepest descents. 

There are also certain options for doing the circular route. For example, on Wikiloc you can find the Istán to La Concha circular route, with a medium-high difficulty. 

Peak of La Concha Bank Marbella 

At the maximum altitude of the Concha peak in Marbella (i.e. at the top) we will find a bench to recharge our batteries before descending. 

This bench is completely safe, as it was installed by the Marbella fire brigade for the benefit of the “Asociación Piel de Mariposa”. As well as being a place to rest, it is perfect to enjoy the best views of the place. 

Weather in La Concha Marbella 

If you’re wondering about the weather here, it’s good for most of the year. If you’re wondering about the weather here, you should know that it’s good most of the year. 

To do the route in summer it is advisable to get up early or start in the afternoon, once the hours of maximum sunlight have passed. 

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