In its origins, Puerto Banús was a small fishing village, with a rather limited nightlife. That changed in 1963, when José Banús began to build what would become one of the most exclusive ports in Europe.

The inauguration party alone was attended by some 1700 guests, an event that was to expand the nightlife in Puerto Banús to unsuspected limits.

Today, this area has become a favourite destination for luxury goods. It is a perfect place to enjoy exclusive events, shopping in fashion boutiques and other activities that you can read about below.

What to do in Puerto Banús at night?

Bars and discotheques

There are many pubs and bars that you should visit during your stay, such as The Guinness Tavern O’Gradys Irish pub, the Mumbai pub or the Fubar pub. Most of the pubs are free of charge.

There are also discotheques such as La Comedia or Stereo Lounge. Here you will have to pay to enter, but this payment will include a drink. Normally, the discotheques would close at around 7am, although this has changed with the COVID-19 limitations.

In any case, they comply with the limitations established to avoid any type of contagion.

Famous clubs

Puerto Banús at night is also known for its famous clubs where elegance and sophistication are always present. Some of the most famous are the Ocean Club and Nikki Beach.

They are located on the beach and stand out for the great variety of activities they allow us to enjoy: exclusive events, live shows, parties, and you might even run into a celebrity or two.

A very special walk

If you are looking for a quieter plan, or if you simply want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the night, you can take a stroll along the port, along the beach of Puerto Banús, along Avenida José Banús (Paseo de las Estrellas), along Paseo Alberto Vidiella Tudores and along Plaza Antonio Banderas.

Seeing the city at night is a spectacle that will leave no one indifferent.

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