If you are thinking of spending some time here, it is very likely that you are wondering about the weather in Puerto Banús. It is not only interesting to know it in the short term, but also in different seasons and on a yearly basis.

This will make it easier to prepare a holiday, as we can choose the best time of the year.

Want to know all about the weather in Puerto Banus? Read on.

What is the weather like in Puerto Banús?

Generally, the weather is very pleasant here, perfect for walks on the beach, for enjoying all kinds of outdoor activities, for getting to know the main points of interest of the city.

The weather is stable for most of the year: it is slightly hot in summer, due to the characteristic Mediterranean climate of the province of Malaga. According to some experts, a kind of microclimate is generated here that helps to make the weather quite mild.

However, if you want to combat the high temperatures, there are several beaches, swimming pools and all kinds of water activities to take the heat off.

Winters are very mild, with very few days of real cold. Precipitation is rare, even if not heavy.

As for autumn and spring, the weather remains fairly stable, at the perfect point between warm and cold..

What is the temperature in Puerto Banús?

The average temperature in Puerto Banús is 17.3ºC.

  • In the autumn and spring months it stays between 15-20ºC.
  • In winter it drops slightly to 10-12ºC (it is difficult for it to fall below this range).
  • In summer it increases progressively until it reaches 25-30ºC in July and August. In the months of June and September it stays around 22ºC.

What is the best season to visit Puerto Banús?

Taking into account all these facts about the weather in Puerto Banús, there is no specific season to visit it. You can prepare your “getaway” at any time of the year, in any season, knowing that there will always be exclusive activities and events for you to experience.

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It’s time to enjoy the best weather in Puerto Banús. Prepare your trip now and discover a place where even the smallest detail is taken care of.