Marbella is known for many things. For example, for being a place where there is an important mix of different cultures and nationalities. This has led to a wide gastronomic offer, for all tastes and budgets. In this respect, one of the most outstanding options are the vegan restaurants in Marbella.

Our aim in this post is twofold: first, to reassure you. Yes, the Costa del Sol and Marbella in particular, offer numerous vegetarian and vegan restaurant options. And secondly, we want to provide you with this complete list so that you can make your choice easily.

Así que, si estás de visita en Marbella y buscas restaurantes veganos, en el Hotel Benabola te esperamos con los brazos abiertos para introducirte en la rica cultura gastronómica de la ciudad.


This restaurant is inspired by the best international cuisine but made only with local and seasonal ingredients. Although the menu is not entirely vegan, you will find all the vegan-friendly products on the menu so you can choose what you like.


Dezentral is one of the pioneers when it comes to organic restaurants in Marbella. If there is one thing it stands out for, it is for its 10-star service from the first to the last moment, for its innovative and delicious food, and also for being 100% dog friendly.

The Farmacy Marbella

Here we find a double union: body & mind – yoga & vegan café. This is the proposal of this well-known vegan restaurant in Marbella, which stands out as a yoga studio as well as a vegan café with an ethnic look that dazzles everyone.

Located in the heart of the city centre of Malaga, its terrace is a full-fledged invitation to relax and to give joy to the palate with 100% homemade food, with no additives and vegan. Moreover, coeliacs are more than welcome: the entire menu is wheat-free.

In addition to yoga, this place also offers salsa and flamenco classes and vegan food workshops, as well as an ethnic shop. Their cakes are delicious, and during the week they have a complete and economical menu of the day, as well as a menu full of pasta, tofu, rice, beans, salads, soups, hamburgers…

Organic Market Food

Located on Marbella’s golden mile, Organic Market & Food Marbella is a vegetarian with vegan options. Undoubtedly, a fantastic restaurant where organic, healthy and socially conscious food is the protagonist. All in a restaurant that perfectly blends the casual and the formal.

There is also a small area for an organic market selling organic eggs, vegetables and fruit. The extensive and varied menu is full of plant-based dishes, with chemical-free organic food, ranging from pizzas, snacks and starters to all kinds of hot and cold dishes, to be combined with juices, smoothies, soft drinks and organic wines.

Gioia Plant-Based Cuisine

It is a 100% vegan restaurant, elegant and exclusive, which is committed to innovative and delicious vegan cuisine.

Giola Plant- Based Cuisine is just a 4-minute drive from Alameda Park in the direction of Puerto Banús. Their entirely plant-based cuisine creates vegan menus with dishes that are as balanced as they are nutritious, using only natural, organic, local and top quality ingredients. There are no deep fryers, no microwaves and no gluten in this restaurant run by Calor Kuteer – enjoy vegan cuisine!


The success of Manuka and its popularity among residents and tourists in Marbella can be understood from its growth. At present, they already have 4 stores in the coastal town: one in the La Cañada Shopping Centre, in the Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, next to the sea in Plaza del Mar and another one, very close to our hotel Benabola, in Puerto Banús.

This is a “flexitarian” restaurant based on a mainly plant-based cuisine, with a sprinkling of organic and ethical meat options. They are quiet and beautiful restaurants, where healthy food, with local produce, is the bread and butter of the day. In their own menu they tell how they source their produce from nearby farmers, and use cold-pressed oils, unrefined sea salt, cooking with coconut oil and natural sweeteners.

This restaurant has a wide variety of dishes for vegans, vegetarians, raw vegans and coeliacs. The quinoa and sweet potato bowls, the vegan sweet potato burgers, or the vegan brownie with pumpkin seeds and vanilla ice cream for dessert, are some of their specialities.

Rachel’s Eco Love

Breakfast, lunch, a mid-afternoon coffee… any option is a good, almost idyllic way to enjoy Rachel’s Eco Love. A space suitable for meat eaters but mainly designed for those who want raw, organic and delicious vegan and vegetarian options. It is also one of the best options for brunch in Marbella. In addition to its cute terrace, you can also enjoy its organic garden at street level and its organic produce shop. The bowls are great and the eggs benedict is amazing.

Pasión Poké

The first Poké bar in Marbella is still a fixed place to enjoy this dish of Hawaiian origin with Japanese touches. A super healthy and nutritious option that continues to take the world by storm. And if you’re only looking for a vegan option, you can see on the menu how each of their poké bowls is made up and you can create your own.