Few cities in Andalusia can boast of having a real green lung in the heart of the city centre, perfect for strolling around and enjoying a peaceful day in a natural, perfectly integrated and well-kept environment, as is the case of El Parque de la Represa in Marbella.

This urban park in Marbella offers its visitors a large outdoor space, with unique corners such as its beautiful central pond with a fountain of great beauty, as well as different recreational areas, and a large presence of animal species perfect for spotting, such as ducks and birds.

An open air space of about 18000 m2 offers great versatility, ideal for all kinds of people, as it is perfect for those who want to come to rest and relax, or those who want to practice sport on one of the skate parks, which makes it the daily meeting point for many people from Marbella, and due to its enviable location it is one of the most preferred.

How to get to the Parque de la Represa in Marbella

Its privileged location in the heart of the city, next to the old town, makes it one of the busiest and most accessible, as it stretches for about two kilometres between Juan de Alameda street and Doctor Maíz Viñals avenue, one of the most central areas of Marbella.

For those who are wondering where the Parque de la Represa is, all they have to do is walk to the centre of Marbella, in the direction of one of the most picturesque spots in the city, very close to the Barrio Alto and Santa Marta neighbourhoods and the Muralla del Castillo de Marbella (Marbella Castle Wall).

The current park is built over an old Represa stream, which has now been filled in, and dates back to 1993, when work began to improve and build this leisure and recreation area, which is now a meeting point for many young people and groups of friends to enjoy all that this urban park, perfectly integrated into the city, has to offer.

The Parque de la Represa Marbella is one of the city’s favourite parks, offering different areas for all ages, but especially for families with children, where you can do all kinds of activities, from sports, to parades, small gymkhanas, to improvised concerts, events, parties and theatrical performances.

In addition, the Marbella park, once known as Tenerías or Barbacana, offers areas of great beauty, with different species of flowers and plants, with specimens of palm trees, cork oaks and pinsapos, together with artificial ponds, as well as sports courts, a children’s playground, and the recommended Bonsai Museum, one of the most interesting with a great variety of this type of tiny trees.

The Parque Arroyo de la Represa Marbella is one of the most popular and famous parks in Andalusia, not only because of its charm, but also because it offers corners of great beauty, as it is also known as the Parque del Puente, as the artificial lakes of this park are joined by a bridge from which you can see the beauty of the surroundings, as well as the different species that inhabit this park such as fish, ducks or turtles.

A highly recommended stop, of great charm, both for the inhabitants of Marbella itself, as well as for visitors who come to the Andalusian city and wish to enjoy the charm, tranquillity and beauty of one of the best integrated urban parks in the country, right in the centre, and which is visited by thousands of people every day.