It’s well known that Marbella is one of the most luxurious areas in the world, so it’s no surprise that we can enjoy seeing a wide range of top end vehicles here. There has been a noticeable increase in electric cars in Puerto Banus over recent years – a treat for the eyes and the environment!

We’ve always seen luxury cars in Puerto Banus, but the fact that we’re starting to see high end electric vehicles on the city’s streets is an advantage that makes all of us stop and think.

The importance of owning an electric car

If you stop to think about it, one of our favourite things is enjoying a wide range of activities in the open air with our friends or family. This is why it’s vital to be aware of everything there is to lose if we don’t start taking part in activities that help to care for our ecosystem.

Gestures such as recycling or driving an electric car are small drops in the ocean that could make a big difference if we all get involved.

There has been a significant increase in electric car numbers, so it is increasingly obvious that we are all becoming more concerned about our planet.

Puerto de Puerto Banús

Look after Puerto Banus

Driving an electric car in Puerto Banus helps to keep our air cleaner, but other significant issues shouldn’t be forgotten. We should all keep in mind that the area’s fantastic beaches need to be kept spick and span.

Sustainable and respectful tourism is possible, and this becomes a bit more apparent with every passing year in Marbella. This is why it’s one of the best areas in Spain for enjoying a pleasant day at the beach. Costa del Sol beach bars  have taken this to heart and many of them have excellent reputations

Hotel Benabola: pioneers in electric car charging points in Puerto Banus

At Hotel Benabola we are very aware that you also like to care for the environment. Therefore, we have decided to invest in this. We’re the first hotel in Puerto Banus to offer charging points for electric cars.

Models of sustainable vehicles are increasingly attractive, which maybe wasn’t the case just a few years ago. Brands such as Tesla, Mercedes and Porsche have taken a leap forward by developing models with the latest technology. The presence of these types of electric cars is very notable in Puerto Banus. We know all about the specs of these vehicles, and they are second to none when compared with a traditional petrol car.

One factor that could make you hesitate before buying an electric car is doubts about areas where you can recharge it. We are aware of this and have installed charging points to make sure that bringing your car to Marbella is an enjoyable experience. We love to make things easy!

Sit back and enjoy the views from Hotel Benabola’s Sky Lounge while charging your electric car in the heart of Puerto Banus. Relax and sip on a cocktail, safe in the knowledge that your car is being looked after.

Every day we see more owners of these vehicles, such as the renowned Teslas, visiting our facilities and trusting us to charge them. Therefore, we will be installing more charging points due to the high demand for electric sports cars in Puerto Banus at the moment.

How to request a charge for your electric car

Do you have your electric car in Puerto Banus? Don’t worry about a flat battery. To request a charge at Hotel Benabola, just get in touch with reception and we’ll give you the instructions you need to charge your car.

Do you fancy a luxury and eco-friendly holiday? Hotel Benabola Hotel & Apartments is the best choice for you and your electric car in Puerto Banus. Enjoy healthy surroundings, your electric charging point and the best hotels on the Costa del Sol at Hotel We’re looking forward to seeing you!