If you are organising a family holiday in Puerto Banús, it is important to plan your trip in advance and be clear about the activities you are going to do.

Still don’t know what to do in Puerto Banús with children? The truth is that in this place there is a whole series of activities for the whole family, adults and children included, to have a great time.

So that you don’t miss anything important, in this article we have prepared a list of some ideas.

Things to do in Puerto Banús with children


Not too far from Puerto Banús we can find a playground, which is the perfect plan for the youngest members of the family. It consists of a ball park, slides, costumes, as well as an endless number of activities.

Enjoying the beaches

Another of the things to do in Puerto Banús with children is to spend the day at the beach. In the area we can find 2 large beaches, which are perfect for a swim and to beat the heat.

Río Verde Beach Puerto Banús
  • Playa Nueva Andalucía: this is the best beach for those who are looking for peace and quiet, although it is a rocky beach. Precisely for this reason it is not recommended for very young children. But if you are looking for peace and quiet, it is the best option.
  • Puerto Banús Beach: this is one of the most interesting things to do in Puerto Banús. It is a beach made up of very fine sand (it is almost as if you were floating when you walk along it). Its waters are very shallow. As if that wasn’t enough, it has a children’s playground and a cafeteria, making it the most popular. It is not the best option if you are looking for peace and quiet.

Puerto Banús Bridge

This impressive bridge connects Río Verde with Marbella. When we get to the other side we can find a very funny plan, as there are some very valuable Roman ruins waiting for us.

Here we have to make an obligatory stop to take a photograph with the whole family. With a good framing, we will be able to see the sea in the background together with the mouth of the river.

It can be a very interesting plan to do some exercise and then go straight to the beach.

Where to eat with children in Puerto Banús?

In Puerto Banús there are some very good restaurants that will delight the whole family. Your choice will depend on what you fancy at the time.

  • The G-Wine is a good choice for all meat lovers.
  • The Meksian is recommended for those who are looking for something different.
  • La Bocana restaurant offers the best food with incredible views.

Accommodation with children in Puerto Banús

When organising your trip, it is also important to choose good accommodation. Otherwise, the experience can be chaotic.

A good option is our hotel in Puerto Banús with children. At Benabola hotel we will be delighted to welcome all members of the family.