If you’re thinking of enjoying summer 2019 in Marbella, you’ve made a great decision. The area’s weather, Mediterranean food and exclusive ambience will treat you to a luxury holiday right in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

It’s easy to enjoy a holiday in Puerto Banús, but we want you to make the most of the experience so that your summer 2019 in Marbella is something you’ll always remember. This is why we’re going to give you some tips on how to get the most out of the moment and enjoy it one hundred percent. Are you ready?

Summer 2019 in Marbella outdoors

One of the first things that’ll cross your mind as soon as you get here will be a visit to the golden sandy beaches of Puerto Banús, and no wonder! Coming across these types of clean and well-kept places is a luxury to be enjoyed while on holiday, but please keep a few recommendations in mind to get this most out of this exclusive corner of Spain.

Playas cerca de Hotel Benabola

Stay well hydrated

To fully enjoy your summer 2019 in Marbella with no surprises, please bear in mind that temperatures are high at this time of the year, so it is fundamental to keep your body properly hydrated.

It is very important for everyone, particularly for children and the elderly, to drink enough water to enjoy a day at the beach. You won’t find it hard because there are plenty of services in the area around the beach, so you won’t have to walk very far to find anything that you might need.

Use sunscreen

We all like to show off our tans after a great holiday, but it is vital to enjoy the rays of sunshine that warm Marbella’s coastline with a sunscreen suited to your skin.

The most important thing is to choose one with broad-spectrum protection, i.e. that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays, the latter being the main cause of burns. Once you’ve found a suitable brand, make sure you choose one with a sun protection factor (SPF) that suits your skin tone. The recommended minimum is factor 30.This will let you show off your tan from your 2019 summer holiday in Marbella when you get home, without suffering a single burn.

Enjoy the best swimsuit fashion

Staying hydrated and burn-free will give you the chance to get the most enjoyment out of the season’s latest swimwear trends. As you well know, Puerto Banús is a privileged area where you can enjoy the most exclusive shops. The latest trends in swimwear can also be found here.

This year it is a luxury to enjoy bikinis or swimsuits with animal print patterns. This season also features pieces with classic or vintage style, a full circle back to the glamorous 50s. Fashion also gives us models with stripes and even cuts with ruffles, so we are sure that you’ll spot a wide range of models on your beachfront catwalk while you enjoy the waters of the Mediterranean.

Enjoy exclusive locations during summer 2019 in Marbella

Once you have enjoyed the fresh and fashionable air that Puerto Banús has to offer, make sure you discover the different exclusive locations found in the area. This means that you can really say that you spent summer 2019 in Marbella, enjoying all that it has to offer.

Beach clubs

Beach clubs are a must-visit part of the leisure options in Puerto Banús. You’ll find a wide variety of places for enjoying music, comfort and varied cuisine, thanks to the area’s wealth and cultural diversity.

This exclusive environment where fun and respect reign supreme is a pleasant way to enjoy a day out with your partner or family. Summer 2019 in Marbella is to be enjoyed at the beach clubs of Puerto Banús, a sensational experience!

Benabola Sky Lounge

Benabola Sky Lounge de noche

If you want to put the icing on the cake of your holidays and enjoy the best views, gourmet food and unbeatable cocktails, don’t miss your reservation in Hotel Benabola’s Sky Lounge.

Thanks to area’s culinary wealth and its unique enclave in the province of Malaga, we enjoy high quality fresh produce all year round. We use this produce to create haute cuisine dishes so that you can enjoy your summer 2019 in Marbella with all 5 senses.

Our cocktails are mixed by true masters who will make sure you enjoy traditional cocktails along with their most flavourful and original creations. Don’t worry if you don’t drink alcohol, because all of our cocktails can be made without alcohol, except one, the traditional Long Island.

Cóctel del Sky Lounge Benabola Puerto Banús

Now you’ve got luxury food and cocktails that will hypnotise your taste buds, how about some views that leave you breathless? You can find these on the large terrace of Hotel Benabola’s Sky Lounge, from where you can enjoy the sea, the marina and the mountains. In fact, we recommend coming here to enjoy the Best sunset on the Costa del Sol.

Don’t you think these are the best plans to enjoy your summer 2019 in Marbella? If you’re yearning for this experience and want to make the most of your time here, put your trust in the hotels in Marbella that offer you the full experience: Benabola Hotel & Apartments.