Marenostrum Fuengirola is an unprecedented musical spectacle. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy the best live music in an incredible atmosphere, very close to the sea and with the view of the incredible Sohail Castle in the background.

The festival began in 2016 as an investment by the city council in live music, and has been a great success.

Although it is true that it does not have as long a trajectory as other related events, during this time it has already attracted national and international artists from all over the world. Of course, its loyal fans don’t miss a single festival.

If you want to know everything about Marenostrum 2022, this article is for you.

Which artists can we see on the Marenostrum 2022 line-up?

The 2022 edition will feature more than 60 musical performances adapted to different types of audiences.

Among them, we can highlight Beret, Viva Suecia, Arde Bogotá, Alejandro Sanz or Simply Red, and these are just some of the many names that will be on stage.

Let’s remember that the 2019 edition was very relevant for the history of the festival, as it was chosen as the only stop that Jennifer López would make in the European Union.

Among all the concerts that have been held in Marenostrum Fuengirola, we have given all their art to Bob Dylan, Ricky Martin, Manuel Carrasco, Santana, Alejandro Fernández or Sting.

Marenostrum 2022 Fuengirola

When will Marenostrum 2022 take place?

The 60 concerts will be held in Fuengirola Castle from April to September.

For example, Fito & Fitipaldis will perform on 30/04/2022 at 22:00h.

Alejandro Sanz will lend us his voice on 1 and 2 July 2022, opening at 20:30h.

Marc Anthony, with his Pa’lla Voy Tour, will be at marenostrum 2022 on 25/06/2022.

Don’t miss your favourite artist. Be sure to make a note of the date so you don’t miss the experience.

How to get to Marenostrum Fuengirola?

There are several ways to reach Marenostrum 2022:



There are several bus lines that allow us to arrive from different parts of Malaga. Specifically, these lines are 10, M-132, M-133.


Another option is to arrive by train. Specifically, the closest line is the C1.


It is also possible to get there via metro line 2.

What are the prices of the event?

The price of Marenostrum Fuengirola will depend on each concert. For example, the Alejandro Sanz concert costs from 60,50 €

If you buy your tickets in advance you can get a very interesting discount. This way you can avoid missing out on seeing your favourite artist because you didn’t buy your tickets in time.

You can check the prices of the Marenostrum Fuengirola concerts on the official website of the event.

Where can I find accommodation near the Marenostrum?

In addition to knowing how to get to the event, it is also crucial that we do our research to find the closest possible accommodation.

We recommend you to stay at the Benabola Hotel. It is a hotel in Puerto Banús that is very well connected with the means of transport that can take you to Marenostrum 2022. In addition, from our hotel you will have it easier to get to know the main points of interest of the city.

Now that you know that this event is about to take place, it is time to think about your preparations and buy your tickets before they sell out.