October is approaching and once again and 36 editions later Marbepop returns with its 2022 edition. This Marbella music festival organised by the Youth Delegation of the Marbella Town Hall will take place on the 1st of October this year in the Parque de la Represa in Marbella.

This festival offers the best live music for more than 10 hours straight. The Parque de la Represa becomes the epicentre of youth culture in Marbella during this day, but not only music is the protagonist in this festival, as entrepreneurship, creativity and socially responsible values such as sustainability also play an important role.

A festival that was born in 1987

Marbepop 2022 is 36 years old and during all these years this festival has established itself as an unmissable event in Marbella’s autumn. Since its origins in 1987, all kinds of local artists and different generations of musicians have passed through the festival. Thanks to this it has been a festival in constant evolution and transformation.

Originally a local showcase including recordings, then a national competition, and now, after overcoming the crisis in the recording industry and passing through different formats, Marbepop has become one of the most interesting free open-air events on the Costa del Sol.

Marbepop 2022 has the collaboration of the Diputación de Málaga with the aim of promoting and giving opportunities to young and emerging local artists. In addition, with the aim of integrating this festival into the national circuit, this year will feature as a great novelty the band CUPIDO, which will undoubtedly give greater impact to the event and attract more and younger audiences.

An environmentally conscious festival

At Marbepop 2022, ecology is an integral part of all aspects of the festival. To this end, the festival is committed to sustainability through the use of eco-cups, and charitable donations will be accepted and donated to a charitable group with the proceeds raised. In total, more than 1,500 eco-cups will be used, all of the proceeds of which will go to a local NGO.

The concerts are scheduled to start at 16:00 in the afternoon and throughout the day will be performed by different bands that have participated in some of the best music festivals in the country, such as CUPIDO, WASABI CRU, COSMIC WACHO, ANDEN 14, TRYLOBITES, LAST KID ON EARTH, ATIENZA and TIMBOAS RECORDS, among others.

No less interesting will be the “Factoría Joven” space, where young artists from Marbella will be able to exhibit their work and offer information to the public who demand initiatives of this kind. Artists from the Marbella Creativa project will be present at Marbepop 2022.

The choice of the date of the festival for the 1st of October aims to organise the festival outside the high season of festivals in Spain and thus turn Marbepop 2022 into an attraction with the capacity to attract young people from all over the country and become the festival of reference at the beginning of autumn in our country.

In short, Marbepop 2022 will once again be the festival where culture, music, solidarity and ecology go hand in hand in a very attractive festive atmosphere. An annual meeting point for the youth of Marbella around the Parque de la Represa which promises to be full of young people from midday onwards.