Marbella, known for its glamour and sunny beaches, becomes an equally attractive destination during the winter months. Although temperatures can be cooler than in summer, the city offers a wealth of activities and interesting places to visit.

1. Shopping in shopping centres

If winter weather is not your thing, Marbella has a number of luxury shopping centres that will allow you to pass the time in a pleasant way.

Puerto Banús is an outstanding place for shopping, with a variety of designer boutiques, exclusive shops and restaurants overlooking the marina. You can also visit La Cañada Shopping Center, a larger shopping centre with a wide selection of fashion, electronics and entertainment shops.

2. See the Christmas light show in Malaga

Just a short drive from Marbella, Málaga is transformed into a Christmas paradise during the winter season. One of the highlights is the Christmas light show in the historic city centre.

The streets are illuminated with thousands of lights and dazzling decorations, creating a magical atmosphere that will immerse you in the festive spirit. Be sure to visit Calle Larios, which is filled with light shows and music.

3. Walking along the Caminito del Rey

If you’re a lover of nature and adventure, the Caminito del Rey is an experience you won’t want to miss. Although winter can bring cooler temperatures, the hike along this impressive wooden footbridge suspended over gorges and canyons offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

Remember to wear warm clothing and appropriate footwear, as the wind can make the temperature colder than the thermometer indicates.

The Turtle Lake

The Turtle Lake, located in the Parque de la Constitución in Marbella, is a quiet and serene place to enjoy the natural beauty. Even though it is winter, you can take a stroll around the lake and observe the turtles that live there. This is a lovely place to relax and take scenic photographs.

Explore Colomares Castle

Colomares Castle, located in Benalmádena, is an architectural gem combining different styles, from neo-Gothic to neo-Mudejar.

This castle is an impressive place to visit in winter, as the crowds are much smaller than in the high season. You can enjoy the history and architecture without rushing and enjoy the panoramic views from its towers.

6. Visit the Alameda Park

The Alameda Park, in the heart of Marbella, is a lovely place to take a leisurely stroll during the winter months. With its pleasant landscaping, fountains and sculptures, this park is an oasis of tranquillity in the middle of the city. It is the perfect place to have a coffee, read a book or just relax.

7. Hiking

The Costa del Sol offers a wide variety of hiking routes for those wishing to explore the natural beauty of the region. In winter, temperatures are ideal for hiking, as it doesn’t get too hot.

Consider exploring the Sierras de las Nieves Natural Park or the Alcornocales Natural Park for spectacular scenery and diverse wildlife.

8. Visit the Villa Romana del Río Verde

La Villa Romana del Río Verde es un sitio arqueológico fascinante que revela la historia romana de la región. En invierno, puedes visitar este yacimiento y explorar las antiguas ruinas sin las multitudes de turistas que se encuentran en la temporada alta.

 Las excavaciones muestran hermosos mosaicos y estructuras que te transportarán en el tiempo.

9. Vigil de Quiñones park

The Villa Romana del Río Verde is a fascinating archaeological site that reveals the Roman history of the region. In winter, you can visit this site and explore the ancient ruins without the crowds of tourists found in the high season.

The excavations display beautiful mosaics and structures that will transport you back in time.

10. Playing golf

Marbella is known for its world-class golf courses, and winter is a popular season for golfers.

The mild temperatures make it an ideal time to play golf without the summer heat. You can choose from a variety of golf courses, many of which offer panoramic sea views.