The Castle-Alcazaba and the ramparts of Marbella, in the historic center, are the most important vestige that remains of the Muslim civilization in the city of Malaga. Majestic, these constructions stand next to two defensive towers that were formerly part of the fortified enclosure that protected this pearl of the Costa del Sol.

History of Marbella Castle

The ramparts, or popularly called the Castle of Marbella, are a construction of the tenth century that was erected during the reign of Abderramán III, the first caliph of Al-Andalus.

From this citadel visually dominated the entire territory, and inside the walls hid the Medina of Marbella, with narrow winding streets through which we can still walk today. The wall had more than twenty defense towers. 

After the surrender of the Muslim kingdom, the fortress passed into Christian hands and served as a coastal watch. That is why the only visible trace of its military past are its walls.

One of the most interesting things we can contemplate in it is precisely that: its long and changing history, with an overlapping of styles from other eras. In fact, we can observe embedded Roman capitals.

Is it possible to visit the Alcazaba of Marbella?

The entire walled area can be visited from the outside, but it is not possible to access the interior. In its surroundings, you will find information points about its history.

How to get to the Alcazaba of Marbella?

Here is its location:

By public transport, Parque de la Alameda is the reference stop in the center of Marbella: the city buses L-1, L-2, L-3, L-6, L-7, L-8 and L-9 pass here, as well as the Nocturno.

If you are staying in or near the city center, you can walk there in just a few minutes.

If you come by car from our hotel in Puerto Banús or from any other place, and to avoid parking complications or having to leave it in the blue zone, you can use these parking lots:

  • Parking Plaza de la Victoria
  • Avenida del Mar Parking
  • Parking El Mercado
  • Amare Car Parking

What to see in Marbella around the Alcazaba?

Sheltered by the Alcazaba is the historic center of Marbella. A typically Andalusian place that we assure you will surprise and dazzle you in equal parts.

The nerve center of the city keeps, among a labyrinth of narrow cobblestone streets, many secrets to discover, as well as an important historical and cultural heritage among churches, museums, chapels, manor houses…

You can enjoy the real heart of the city, the Plaza de los Naranjos, and from there go moving between alleys and squares full of color, aromas, and a wide range of entertainment. Among other places, the following stand out:

  • The Casa del Corregidor, the current Marbella Town Hall.
  • Chapel of San Juan de Dios, known by the locals as “Hospitalillo”.
  • Plaza Puente Ronda.
  • Plaza de la Iglesia, one of the most beautiful squares in the historic center of Marbella.
  • Plaza de la Victoria and Plaza Africa.
  • Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving.
  • Park of La Alameda.

In addition, you will have at your fingertips some of the best tapas places in Marbella, restaurants, bars and stores for all tastes and budgets. In short, a place to enjoy at any time of the year, and we at Hotel Benabola are very proud of it. Come and visit it!