In Marbella, we can find a vast number of points of interest and monuments that should definitely be included in our next visit to the city. Most of them are located in the Old Town, so they are quite easy to locate.

To ensure you don’t miss anything important and can plan accordingly, we have prepared a list detailing the main points of interest. Don’t miss out on them!

Virgen del Carmen Parish

The parish or church of Our Lady of Carmen is located on La Serna Street, which was once the neighborhood of El Perchel, in Málaga.

It used to be the temple of the convent of the barefoot Carmelite fathers.

Its construction dates back to the year 1548, although little is known about these years. In the year 1680, an earthquake nearly destroyed it completely. From the 18th century onwards, new renovations and restorations began.

In the Main Altar of the Parish, you can find the Virgin of Carmen.

Santiago Hermitage Marbella

It is considered to be the oldest church in Malaga. Construction began in 1490, on the site of what was previously a mosque. It has undergone several renovations throughout its history, so you can see many architectural styles in its construction.

The last renovation took place in 2009; during it, several 17th-century drawings were discovered, and 4 windows were restored.

As an interesting fact, Picasso was baptized in this place in the year 1881.

The Parish of Santo Cristo del Calvario

The parish of Santo Cristo del Calvario is located in the old town of Marbella. It is considered the second most visited church in the entire city.

It is characterized by having a very different style. The explanation for this is that it was built in 1976 and blessed at the time of its construction. It is of modern construction, and one of the highlights is found inside, where we find very elegant stained glass windows with beautiful icons.

It is better known by the name of the Church of Calvario and was erected on the site of what was once the old 17th-century hermitage.

Our Lady Incarnation Church

Although it is true that the full name of the cathedral is The Holy Church Cathedral Basilica of the Incarnation, it is most commonly known simply as Málaga Cathedral, or by its nickname “La Manquita.”

It receives this affectionate nickname because its southern tower was never completed, giving the impression that it is missing an arm. However, the reality is that it is not just one tower that is missing, but five towers. In other words, it is incomplete.

One of the most interesting facts about the Cathedral is that it took more than 250 years to build.

The Divina Pastora parish

We conclude this list of Churches and Cathedrals in Marbella by discussing Divina Pastora. This parish was built just over 30 years ago and is located in a very central area, making it quite easy to reach.

Upon entering the interior, you can find two very distinctive images: a Crucifix and an Immaculate Conception, which are available on the altar and attached to it, respectively.

An interesting detail can be found in the wall covering, where tiles are placed that make the whole ensemble very eye-catching.

Visiting these churches and cathedrals in Marbella will be like taking a complete journey back in time that will leave you amazed.