If you’ve already heard of this place, you’re probably wondering how to get to Puerto Banús. It is important to know the different means of transport, to determine if the only way to get there is by car, or if we can take trains, buses or even travel by plane.

In this section we are going to study the main communications: you will be able to know how to get to Puerto Banús from different points.

Ways to get to Puerto Banús

By car

  • How to get to Puerto Banús from Marbella: the distance between Marbella and Puerto Banús is only 9.7km. The best way to get there is via the AP-7 and A-7. The journey can be completed in about 14 minutes. Another option is to travel via the 3-40; in this case the journey is 7.5km and the total time is 17 minutes.
  • How to get from Fuengirola to Puerto Banús: Fuengirola is a little further away, but it is also possible to get to Puerto Banús by car from here. If you drive on the AP-7, the distance to be covered is 40.1 km and the arrival time is 33 minutes. If you travel on the A-7, the distance will be 40km, with a journey time of 36 minutes.
  • How to get from Malaga to Puerto Banus: another option is to arrive directly from Malaga. For this, the fastest way is via the AP-7 and making a journey of 67.2 km; this can take you about 51 minutes. It is also possible to arrive via the A-357 and A-355. In this case, the arrival time will be 1 hour and 5 minutes.

By bus

Although it is possible to get there by bus, there are no direct lines. You will have to change at the bus station and then head towards Puerto Banús.


Another option is to arrive by airport. The nearest airport is Malaga airport and is connected to many cities in Spain and Europe.

  • From here you can take the bus to the bus station.
  • You can also hire a rental car to get around at your leisure.


There are no trains to Puerto Banús or Marbella. The nearest station is in Fuengirola.

These are the most effective ways to get to Puerto Banús. We recommend that you write them down so that you know how to get around at all times.

Accommodation in Puerto Banús

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